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Hannover Leasing – Experienced Partner Institutional Investors

Hannover Leasing offers institutional investors a wide spectrum of services, including the conceptualisation and management of diverse investment vehicles, among other things. With the experience gained through many years in the field, Hannover Leasing is in a position to offer the specific investment structure that best suits a client's requirements. Key criteria are the risk/reward profile and the regulatory aspects. Among the primary choices are these:

  • Organising and structuring club deals
  • Products for the proprietary securities trading of savings banks
  • Alternative investment funds (AIF) pursuant to the German Capital Investment Act (KAGB)
  • Roll-up funds 

Hannover Leasing provides comprehensive, periodic, and timely reporting to its clients for each of their investments. The reporting satisfies both the high requirements of institutional investors and the legal provisions applicable in each case.

Hannover Leasing will also assume the management of third-party portfolios in a service provider role. The respective institutional investors benefit from the same high quality in asset management and reporting as the investors in investment vehicles that Hannover Leasing launched in its own right.



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