Domestic Real Estate

In the real estate fund sector, Hannover Leasing has launched 81 funds to date. Moreover, the Group has structured the financing arrangements for another 35 domestic real estate investments. Collectively, the investment volume realised by Hannover Leasing in the domestic real estate segment totals approximately 6.0 billion euros.

Domestic Real Estate Projects of Hannover Leasing (Selection)

Investment Criteria for Real Estate Funds in Germany

To qualify as investment assets for Hannover Leasing's real estate fund committing themselves in Germany, properties must satisfy the following criteria:

  • commercially used properties of the use types
    • office
    • retail
    • logistics
  • as-new or core-and-shell redeveloped properties, or project developments without completion risks
  • prime locations in Class A or Class B cities with stable, less-than-volatile building values and rent rates that make a sustained tenant and investor demand likely
  • high building quality
  • high functionality and alternative use potential
  • high energy efficiency
  • inflation-indexed leases, normally with a (residual) lifetime of at least ten years
  • renowned, secure tenant covenants
  • high occupancy rate

A definitive success factor for the investments realised by Hannover Leasing in the Germany investment fund sector is the company's asset management, which is principally provided in-house. This enables Hannover Leasing to provide all of its services in a consistently high quality, from the asset selection and due diligence, to the fund conceptualisation and the ongoing management, and all the way to the eventual exit.



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