Foreign Real Estate

To date, Hannover Leasing has realised 17 investments funds and six structured financings outside Germany. This translates into a total investment volume of approximately 3.0 billion euros.

Target markets for the investments of Hannover Leasing in foreign real estate markets include:

  • United States
  • Western and Central Europe, specifically the Benelux countries
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada

Principally speaking, eligible target markets for real estate funds in Europe and North America include any country characterised by a high level of political and economic stability, and a high consistency of the law. In addition, Hannover Leasing prefers to commit itself in markets with a high level of transparency and a highly professional local real estate industry. These include, for instance, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

Foreign Real Estate Projects of Hannover Leasing (Selection)

Investment Criteria for Real Estate Funds in North America and Europe

Potential investment assets for the real estate funds of Hannover Leasing in North America or European countries other than Germany need to meet the following criteria:           

  • commercially used properties of the use types office or retail
  • prime locations likely to ensure sustained tenant and investor demand
  • high building quality
  • high functionality and alternative use potential
  • high energy efficiency
  • inflation-indexed leases, normally with a (residual) lifetime of at least ten years
  • renowned, secure tenant covenants
  • high occupancy rate
  • joint venture structures are also an option

In analogy to the domestic funds, it is of the essence for Hannover Leasing to handle the entire real estate asset management with in-house resources for assets in Europe and North America, too. In addition, we enter into collaborations with experienced partners on the ground who bring local market know-how to the job, and thereby support the asset management of Hannover Leasing.



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