Puplic Private Partnership

A mainstay of the service spectrum of Hannover Leasing is the realisation of structural engineering projects within the framework of public private partnerships (PPP). These are projects involving a close collaboration between the public sector and private investors. The mobilisation of private investment capital could ease the strain on government or municipal coffers, and permit the implementation of important construction projects or infrastructure measures.

Hannover Leasing has realised 22 PPP projects to date, including 16 investment funds and six structured financings. The total investment volume of these funds exceeds 1.9 billion euros.

PPP Projects of Hannover Leasing (Selection)

The strategy of Hannover Leasing seeks to realise PPP projects in structural engineering as syndicate leader, and to make the comprehensive expertise available to the other stakeholders in the process. This involves especially the areas
  • conceptualisation
  • financing and
  • realisation

One way to raise private investment capital is to launch closed-end funds for financing PPP projects. The interests of private investors with a long-term horizon and conservative approach are particularly easy to reconcile with the emphasis that public-sector clients and project initiators place on long-term planning certainty.
PPP project investments by Hannover Leasing tend to take either of two approaches, one being the acquisition of existing properties occupied by public sector tenants. The other option is to participate in new PPP projects with the intention to not only play an active part in the planning and realisation stage, but also to take over the subsequent running management.

Key investment criteria for the PPP projects of Hannover Leasing include:           

  • newly constructed buildings with flexible use concepts and high alternative use potential
  • long-term leases with public sector tenants, having (residual) lifetimes of at least 15 years



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