Real Estate

In the real estate asset class, Hannover Leasing has realised a total investment volume of 11.0 billion euros since 1990.

At the moment, Hannover Leasing has approximately 7.5 billion euros in assets under management in the real estate asset class. The total includes an 1.0 billion euro item representing funds that, while already having disposed of their assets or partnership interests, have yet to complete their liquidation phase. Assets include properties inside and outside Germany that, as a rule, are held by operative property vehicles. Among these are also properties in Germany that are realised and operated on the basis of public private partnerships, and for which Hannover Leasing also provides asset management services.

The properties under Hannover Leasing's care in the asset management context represent primarily commercially used assets such as

  • office and administrative buildings
  • retail properties / shopping malls
  • special real estate

It is of great importance to Hannover Leasing to ensure a professional asset management for the entire lifetime of a given property investment. On the part of our asset managers, this presupposes a basis of comprehensive real estate industry expertise, as well as in-depth knowledge of the respective market.

The asset management service spectrum in the real estate division includes:

  • monitoring and handling the implementation of real estate investment in keeping with the fund concept
  • the commercial and technical management of the properties and property vehicles
  • controlling and auditing third-party service providers, for instance in the areas of property management and facility management
  • letting management
  • managing lessees and tenants
  • liquidity management
  • securing the financing arrangements and managing or signing loan agreements
  • risk management
  • coordinating the stakeholders within the framework of PPP projects, including periodic contract auditing and reporting
  • the continuous screening of the investment markets
  • the reviewing and initiating of disposals (asset deals, share deals)



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